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GameFi scholarship basics

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A scholarship is a popular practice in some GameFi titles where NFT owners (managers) lend their NFTs or game accounts to other players (scholars) and earn passively from the battle rewards.

The term “scholarship” was introduced by a game called Axie Infinity, a leading blockchain game.

🔸 Scholar:

A user who borrows a game account or NFTs from NFT owners (managers) to play.

🔸 Manager:

A user who lends a game account or NFTs players (scholars) for play.

◾️ What we call a job on FiKNOTS

FiKNOTS basically refers to recruitment information in relation to scholarships a job.

To get the most out of their NFTs, managers recruit scholars by posting jobs on FiKNOTS, the scholar applies for the job that best suits them, and FiKNOTS ensures an efficient match.

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GameFi scholarship basics

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