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Manage Your Jobs

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If you want to post a scholarship job, you need to publish the relevant NFTs to the job in the Settings beforehand.
Please check following page👇

💡How to add a wallet

◾️ Post a job

Click on “Post new job” in the header.

Enter the details of the scholarship you are offering.

  • Select a Game
  • Job Title
  • Conditions
    • It is recommended to refer to the conditions of jobs posted by other users.
  • Rewards
  • Select the NFTs
    • You can select up to 10 NFTs.

Once you have entered the job details, click “Create Job.”

If the entered job details are correct, click “Publish Job.”

You can check the posted jobs under “Jobs” for the respective game in the “Games” section.

◾️ Check the applicants and hire

Open “My Page” and select the “Jobs” tab to view a list of jobs.

Jobs you posted will be listed under “Managed Jobs.”

By clicking on the job title, you can see the applicants in the detailed view.

You can review the profiles of applicants and, if necessary, easily send a DM to confirm conditions (for users with DMs enabled).

Clicking the “Hire” button will complete the match.
When a match is made, a notification will also be sent to the matched applicant.

◾️ Manage Your Jobs

Open My Page and select the “Jobs” tab to view a list of jobs.
Jobs you posted will be listed under “Managed Jobs.”

You can filter the jobs by status, and the meanings of each status are as follows:

  • ALL
    • Display a list of jobs for all statuses.
    • Draft posts can be published or deleted.
    • If you want to delete a job that hasn’t matched with anyone, you need to set it to draft status.
  • OPEN
    • Accepting applications
    • Up to 10 applicants can be accepted
    • Jobs created by other users who selected your published NFTs and have sent you a request
    • Jobs that are matched with other users
    • You can end the job by clicking “Terminate” on the job detail page
    • Completed Jobs
    • Rejected jobs under the “REQUESTED” status

◾️ Terminate Jobs

You can terminate the job by pressing the “Terminate Job” button.

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Manage Your Jobs

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