Why is Ronin Wallet’s signature required when posting a gamefi job?

This is because jobs are created based on the fact that the job poster owns the NFT to be posted on the job; FiKNOTS only retrieves the fact that they own the NFT and the attribute data associated with the

Is the NFT actually rented automatically?

FiKNOTS supports matching and peer review, but does not include a rental feature. Please refer to each GameFi’s scholarship methodology and perform the rental on your own. FiKNOTS is a service that provides visibility into the performance of managers and

What is a Job?

FiKNOTS basically refers to recruitment information in relation to scholarships a job. To get the most out of their NFTs, managers recruit scholars by posting jobs on FiKNOTS, the scholar applies for the job that best suits them, and FiKNOTS