What is GameFi Scholarship?

GameFi Scholarship is the process of a manager (who has NFTs) lends their NFTs to a scholar (who can’t afford their own NFTs) to play games. The reward–usually in the form of tokens–earned by the scholar will then be split between the manager and the scholar according to their agreement.

🔸 Scholar:
A user who borrows a game account or NFTs from NFT owners (managers) to play.

🔸 Manager:
A user who lends a game account or NFTs to players (scholars) for play.

What We Call a Job on FiKNOTS
FiKNOTS essentially refers to recruitment information related to scholarships as jobs.

To maximize the value of their NFTs, managers post jobs on FiKNOTS to recruit scholars. Scholars apply for the jobs that best suit them, and FiKNOTS ensures an efficient match.