Exciting Update: FiKNOTS Just Got Better!

Dear FiKNOTS users,

We are thrilled to announce a new update for FiKNOTS, a GameFi scholarship matching platform.

In this release, we’ve made several improvements to enhance your experience:

Feature 1: Major UI/UX Improvements

  • Simple and user-friendly layout
  • More filters
    • Enable NFT searches by Class and Parts, allowing users to find specific NFTs.
  • Enhanced functionality for DMs
  • Additional Log-in methods
    • Users can now log in with MetaMask, Ronin Wallet, and Rabby Wallet
  • Dark Mode

Feature 2: Enhanced My Page

Profile pages are easier to navigate and view user’s connections and past jobs.

  • Display owned NFTs on “My Page”
    • Allow scholars to send scholarship requests by selecting NFTs registered on the user’s profile
    • Enable users to 1) check NFTs and manager experience and, 2) send guild invitations or other messages via DM
  • Verify connections
    • Conduct reference checks based on past scholarships the user previously participated in.

Managers can now display their own NFTs on their FiKNOTS My Page.

Scholarship applicants can select the NFTs they wish to play from the manager’s profile, create their preferences, and send a scholarship request.

This process allows NFT owners, who may have once left the game, to build strong teams again in the current competitive environment and return as managers with ease through the help of scholar applications.

Feature 3: Improved Usability on Mobile

  • Improved layout for easier use on smartphones
  • Ability to post jobs from your smartphone

It is now easier to navigate on smartphones, allowing for stress-free operation.

How to join fiknots.io:

■ FiKNOTS Overview
FiKNOTS is a platform that allows gamers to find GameFi scholarships. Gamers can find their best partners for GameFi scholarships through FiKNOTS.

FiKNOTS efficiently matches managers and scholars who want to take advantage of GameFi’s scholarship program and helps them visualize and accumulate their achievements and rewards.

FiKNOTS currently supports scholarship matching for Axie infinity, the first game to introduce GameFi’s scholarship system.

FiKNOTS will continue to develop more features and support additional game titles for gamers in more countries and regions.

■ Bitbank Entertainment, Inc.

Bitbank Entertainment, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of bitbank, inc., is the main endorser of the FiKNOTS project.

Company name: Bitbank Entertainment, Inc.
Service URL: https://fiknots.io/
CEO: Toshiki Tanaka
Address: 141-0031 7th floor, KDX Nishigotanda Building, 7-20-9 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan
Date of establishment: May, 2022

■ About bitbank, inc.
bitbank was founded in May 2014 for the steady spread of crypto assets such as Bitcoin. In July 2015, bitbank launched a bitcoin futures exchange, called bitbank Trade (until April 2019) for the first time in Japan of this kind of service. In March 2017, bitbank launched the crypto asset spot trading exchange “bitbank.cc” and is growing as the largest exchange by its spot trading volume. The founder, Noriyuki Hirosue, also has some other leading roles of essential organizations in the industry such as the director of Japan Virtual and Crypto assets Exchange Association (Self-Regulatory Organization), and the chairman of Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association.

Company name: Bitbank, Inc.
Service URL: https://bitbank.cc/
Founder & CEO: Noriyuki Hirosue
Address: 141-0031 7th floor, KDX Nishigotanda Building, 7-20-9 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan
Date of establishment: May 7th, 2014
Initial capital: 8,647.21 million JPY (Incl. capital reserves)

Business description:
Crypto asset (cryptocurrency) related services
Registered crypto asset exchange operator, Registration No. 00004, issued by the Director of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau

Japan Virtual and Crypto assets Exchange Association (JVCEA)
Japan Crypto Asset Business Association (JCBA)

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