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Applying for jobs (For Scholars)

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Job board and job search

Select “Job Board” in the header.

Various job board functions.

How to apply for a job

Select the linked bar at the bottom of the job card to open the modal.

You can find more information and apply in the modal.

You can apply here, but for more information, including details of the manager’s profile, select Job Details.

You can save a job by pressing “like”. The jobs you have liked can be viewed from the Admin Page.

Job Details allows you to view the manager’s profile details, review performance and more. You can also apply for a job from this page.

When you apply for a job, the manager of that job is given the right to open a DM channel with you, so you may receive DM after you apply and before you are matched.

If you receive an offer from a manager for the job you applied for, you are close to a match!

You can check the offer status of jobs you have applied for from the Admin page.

By pressing Accept Offer, a match is made and the DM channel is opened and the job status is set to ACTIVE.

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Applying for jobs (For Scholars)

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