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Post a Job (For Managers)

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1. Select Post a Job from the global menu.

2. Basic Information

3. Job Details

Connect Ronin Wallet, select the main NFT party (3 of them).

Only NFT data is retrieved from the wallet. A connection to the wallet is included in the flow to ensure that no unauthorized jobs can be generated.

4. Confirmation

Once you have reviewed the job, press the Next button to save the job as a draft.

5. List Job

By pressing the List Job button, the job is listed on the job board.

6. Check the applicants

Select Admin Page from the header or global menu.

Select Managed Jobs, narrow down to jobs with a status of open (wanted) and select the eye icon.

Managers can be redirected to the job details page for the administrator, which lists the applicants in a list. From this page, you can view the profiles of applicants, send them DMs to them to discuss requirements and make offers. Offers can only be made to one person at a time.

An offer is made to the applicant and a match is made if the offer is accepted by Scholar.

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Post a Job (For Managers)

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